Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Onesie

Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays (halloween is the other) so I like to spread my spirit far and wide.

While shopping for the blank onesie for my Super Bowl Onesie, I saw this adorable white with pink, red, and purple hearts bodysuit. I just knew I had to buy and and make it into a V-Day onesie for my BFF's beautiful little girl.

I already had some valentines day fabric for new dog collars (more on that later) so I knew just what to do. I ironed some fusible interfacing onto the back of my cute conversation heart V-Day cotton. Once that cooled down I cut out the individual hearts. I grabbed some lilac ric-rac from my stash and draped it onto the onesie to get it to the right length. Once I had that measurment, I figured out how I wanted the hearts laid out, peeled off the paper and placed them back on top of the ric-rac. Then I ironed them on really well making sure that they stuck to both the onesie an the ric-rac. Next I threaded my sewing machine with invisible thread and a white bobbin. Then I topstitched over just the hearts. Once I finished all the hearts I tacked down the end of the ric-rac under the shoulder flaps so that they were hidden.

Once I had my design in my head the project moved pretty quickly and I am so happy with how it turned out. If I had been using a larger bodysuit or t-shirt I could have easily done two strands which would have looked so cute too!
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  1. What a cute, festive idea! I'd love for you to share here!

    1. Thank you! All linked up over there! Thanks for the invite!