Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Gift - Part 1

So first off, I am SOO excited to finally have my blog up and running and am finally starting to post my projects!

The other (3month old) news is that my best friend had a baby! But before that beautiful little girl came into this world I made her a few personalized onesies to welcome her into it! I used a few different methods to "cuteify"some plain bodysuits. I hope these give you guys some ideas!

#1 Freezer Paper Stenciling:

This is the first one that I made.
I used freezer paper stenciling (Dana on Made has a great tutorial for it) to put an Olde English letter O on the front for the family’s last name. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do anything with this one because of the pattern, but in the end I love how the pattern pops through the O!

#2: Holiday Onesie Makeover:

This one looks like I got really good
at stenciling right? Ha! Well I didn’t, sorry! I got this onesie in the clearance section shortly after
Easter. For like $1.00! It came already printed and with a pair of shorts! Can't beat that!
<-- This is the before/after.

This little printed pin says “I’m wearing my Easter best!” But obviously Easter was over and the baby wouldn’t be celebrating for another approximately 9 months so I cut out some flower shapes out of coordinating fabric and ruffled and stacked them. Then I topped the flower with a button center. Once I had done that it didn’t look quite right yet, so I covered the printed flower
buttons with three actual buttons that matched the one at the center of the flower. Then I was happy with it. I sewed the flower directly on so that the mom wouldn’t have to worry about remembering to take it off for washing, or pay attention to a pin or clip, sewing it on was defiantly the best option for a baby in my opinion.

#3 Superman / Supergirl:
For the next one, I added an appliqué and
some ribbon suspenders, with button fixtures. I originally saw this idea on some blogs for boy onesies, and I loved it. I just needed to figure out how to make it girly… make it pink... duh! Well the Daddy of the little girl is a HUGE superman fan so I happened to have found some adorable
pink superman fabric while shopping a few weeks back. I had specifically bought it to make gifts for the baby but hadn’t quite figured out what. So I cut out one of the S superman symbols, lit a candle and melted the edges just a little, then I ironed on some interfacing, and appliquéd that on to the onesie with a small zigzag stich. It wasn’t quite finished yet though, I still had those
suspenders o
n my mind. It made sense you know with superman ripping off his suit and suspenders to become Superman, so it is king of a play on that. So I tried it and loved it! (And so did the parents!) Notice how I put the ribbons underneath the little flaps at the shoulders to keep the fraying under control. I also want to note that I totally over killed on the stitching on the buttons on all of these onesies, you can never be too careful when it comes to babies, small objects and chocking hazards!

#4 Give a dawg a bone:
The last onesie is my FAVORITE! I have this fabric that I love. I bought it because to me it looked like little Vera Bradley covered dogs! (two of my favorite things) So I simply did the same thing that I did with the superman onesie. I cut the dog out of the fabric, melted the edges, ironed on interfacing, and sewed it on, I had to use a straight stitch because the parts of the dog were pretty small. But the part that makes this onesie my favorite is the back…


It has a doggie bone on the butt! I used fabric that I had to match the legs of the dog on the front of the onesie. I made it sort of an a-symmetrical bone (already been licked maybe) lol, but it was because when I did a totally symmetrical one it looked kind of
funny. I did the same appliqué practice as I mentioned before in this post. I used a zig-zag stitch for the bone.

I hope this gives you some ideas of how to personalize a gift for baby.  I will post the rest of the handmade things that I gave to the Mommy-to-be soon!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


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