Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Homemade Frosty Paws

December 1st was my dog's 6th birthday! I can't believe that it's been that long since we saw her in a little pen looking for a forever home. We fell in love with her the instant we put our paws on her!

Layla's favorite treat is ice cream! That dog is just like her momma, and loves her some ice cream, but I worry about her eating so much sugar and unnecessary processed ingredients. So we introduced her to frosty paws, and she loved them! The problem with them is they are expensive! If I was only buying it just for her birthday, it would be okay, but I like to give her treats more often than that! So I was glad to see this on Pinterest.

It is a super simple recipe for Homemade Frosty Paws! Essentially it is yogurt, peanut butter, a banana, and some honey. I had everything on hand except the yogurt, so that cost me about $3. I bought non-fat plain Greek yogurt. 

I also bought plastic single serving containers at the Dollar Store, but you could easily use egg cartons or ice cube trays. I bought two packs of ten for $2.

So I took the banana, peanut butter, and honey and blended them together. Then once they were well blended, I put the whole 32 oz container of yogurt in. Then blended again until they were all well mixed.

Then I took the mixture and poured it into the plastic containers. They are 2.3fl oz containers and this recipe filled all 20 of them, with a little left over to give the dogs a taste of whats to come. I then stacked the so cups into a gallon freezer bag, so that they weren't all over my freezer, and found a level (ish) spot and let them be for about 8 hours.

They froze up perfect! They are the perfect size for my pups. I'm sure they could eat 10 at a time if I let them, but I feel like it is just enough treat! They LOVED them! I wasn't sure my picky golden/chow mix would like them, since shes not a banana fan but I guess the yogurt and peanut butter cancelled it out enough. She could not get enough! That makes me one happy momma! 

I usually run the plastic container under hot water for a couple of seconds, and the "ice cream" puck pops right out of the plastic. That way they can eat out of their bowls and not lick it all over the house.

So around $5 in the store would have bought 4 servings of store bought Frosty Paws, but for my $5 I got around 20 servings! And since I bought reusable containers, I won't have to spend that at all next time! Score! When we eventually make it through all of these I will be making them again!

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  1. I make these all the time. I use different shaped ice cube trays. The water bottle shaped ones are great for a Kong!