Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flo and Mayhem Costumes

So my boyfriend and I were invited to a Halloween party and since I'm big into Halloween and we've somehow never done matching costumes I made it happen this year. We went as Flo from the Progressive commercials, and Mayhem from the Allstate commercials. They were both really easy and can be done from things right in your closet.

Flo is easy. I wore a white button down shirt and white jeans. I already had the plain white apron but if you don't it is only about $5 from Target. Then progressive actually has a website to print the name tag, progressive, and I heart insurance button. Then I just glue stocked them to a cereal box, cut them out and taped a safety pin to the back. Pinned them to the apron, put on my orange convereses, a watch and all that was left was hair and makeup. I put some neutral eye shadow on. Used liquid liner to create a thick line that curved and gave a cat eye effect. Then put some bright red lipstick on. Simple a that. I had to buy the makeup. It was less than $5 at Walmart, but I know that most people won't have to. I got a "bump-it"  and a navy blue headband at the dollar store. I used the tallest bumpit in the set. A little teasing, and a whole lotta dollar store hair spray, and BAM! you're suddenly Flo!

Mayhem is pretty simple too. Mayham aften wears a three piece suit, but we didn't have any luck finding one of those. We got my boyfriend a suit jacket from Salvation Army, and beat it up a little with the seam ripper and some sand paper. He wore a white shirt and a black tie with his black jacket and slacks. While we were at the dollar store, we found a pink cell phone (for 16yr old girl mayhem) and a pink headband (for hot runner mayhem). We also got him some bandaids to put on his face. I used some eye shadow and red lipstick to "beat him up" a little.

Pretty simple right!? We had a great time and pretty much everyone knew who we were. And I'm pretty sure we were the best dressed couple around! :)

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