Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Santa to Leprechaun

Okay I am sure you all are thinking, that's weird that looks like a Christmas onesie, but its March... Well you would be right! However bear with me, I promise by the end this will be a St. Patrick's Day post!

I made this cute onesie and tutu set for my favorite little girl to wear in some fun photos for her first Christmas. I made it knowing that six month olds don't really wear tutus for extended periods of time. It was just a fun prop for her. 

So anyway I didn't blog about it then but I came across the picture in my phone and something clicked, that same onesie but paired with a green tutu she would look like a leprechaun! So I called her Momma and asked if the onesie would still fit, she confirmed, so off to Hobby Lobby I went! (Please use your talented imaginations for the picture at the right, I wasn't able to get a picture of her in it)

I picked up a white headband for .79 cents and a roll of tulle using my 40% off coupon it probably came to $3.00. I know that the rolls of tulle aren't as economical, but they make the tutu making process so much easier. Hobby Lobby didn't have a kelly green in either the bolt or rolls so I went with an apple/lime green. I wish it was kelly but I think it will work for her first St. Patrick's day celebration just fine. The color would actually be perfect for a Tinker Bell costume, so I will probably add more tulle to it so that it can do double duty later in life.

The onesie is just fleece and felt that I cut to look like a belt (Santa's belt in December, and conveniently a Leprechaun belt in March). I ironed it on using wonder under, and then sewed over it to make sure it wasn't going anywhere. 

The tutu doesn't have to go with the belted onesie, it can easily go with any other St. Patrick's onesie that she has. Including the Shamrock one I made her.

So an appliqued belted onesie, a green tutu, some adorable shamrock tights/leggings and she is going to make just about the cutest little leprechaun that ever was!