Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bagel French Toast

On Christmas, we got a dozen bagels for breakfast. Since then we have been eating them. Yesterday I had one toasted, it wasn't great... So this morning, we still had three left, and I knew there had to be something to do with them. Lightbulb: make French toast! Usually we use stale bread, so why not stale bagels?!

What you'll need:
- Stale bagels
- Eggs (I used three eggs for two large bagels)
- Milk
- Vanilla Extract
- Butter to cooking spray

I don't measure the milk or vanilla, I just eyeball it.

Crack the eggs in a medium sized mixing bowl. Add the milk and vanilla, the mixture should have a brown tinge to it. Cut the bagels into quarters. Turn on your pan, skillet, or griddle. I use a square flat non-stick skillet, but electric or cast iron griddles work great too.

Dip the bagels in the egg mixture. Let them soak a little longer than you would do with bread. The egg doesn't really permeate the outside of the bagel so make sure you let the inside suck up plenty.

Put a pat of butter, or spray the pan with cooking spray. Then place your soaked bagel pieces on it. I use butter because I think it gives a better crisp to the eggs. Cook until the pieces are golden brown, then flip, and cook the other side until it is also golden brown. I also stand the bagels up on the flat sides where they were cut to cook that surface as well.

Once all your pieces have soaked and cooked, serve with butter and syrup. So yummy!

Friday, December 28, 2012


I have been MIA for a while now, sorry about that. I switched jobs, so I've had much less time for sewing and crafting. I used to work overnights, which left lots of time, but now that I work the 9-6 grind, there is not much.

I had made a few things, here are the highlights.

I made this monogram towel for a friend's wedding gift. I gifted them three microfiber towels that I bought at bed, bath, and beyond and personalized with appliquéd Ps. Each out of a different fabric, one fall themed (they married in October), one Christmas themed, and one snow themed (high hopes on here on the eastern shore of md!). Along with the towels, I cut up their wedding invitation, into strips, curled the strips, and put them into a clear Christmas ornament.

I also made a tutu for my niece for her halloween costume. Her dad is a huge Superman fan, so we made her supergirl for halloween. I made the tutu using a a headband and tulle on spools. The t-shirt was bought at Gap and we added glitter glue to spruce it up.

Another halloween craft I did was a tutu, for my pup. She was the cowardly lion to my (hipster) Dorothy. The thing I did differently was I tied the tulle to both the top and bottom of the headband, instead of just one side.

Hopefully I can start keeping better track of what I am up to. Definitely look for more photography based posts. My amazing fiancé bought me a totally awesome Sony NEX-f3 for Christmas, and I am psyched to put it to work!

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