Friday, December 28, 2012


I have been MIA for a while now, sorry about that. I switched jobs, so I've had much less time for sewing and crafting. I used to work overnights, which left lots of time, but now that I work the 9-6 grind, there is not much.

I had made a few things, here are the highlights.

I made this monogram towel for a friend's wedding gift. I gifted them three microfiber towels that I bought at bed, bath, and beyond and personalized with appliquéd Ps. Each out of a different fabric, one fall themed (they married in October), one Christmas themed, and one snow themed (high hopes on here on the eastern shore of md!). Along with the towels, I cut up their wedding invitation, into strips, curled the strips, and put them into a clear Christmas ornament.

I also made a tutu for my niece for her halloween costume. Her dad is a huge Superman fan, so we made her supergirl for halloween. I made the tutu using a a headband and tulle on spools. The t-shirt was bought at Gap and we added glitter glue to spruce it up.

Another halloween craft I did was a tutu, for my pup. She was the cowardly lion to my (hipster) Dorothy. The thing I did differently was I tied the tulle to both the top and bottom of the headband, instead of just one side.

Hopefully I can start keeping better track of what I am up to. Definitely look for more photography based posts. My amazing fiancé bought me a totally awesome Sony NEX-f3 for Christmas, and I am psyched to put it to work!

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  1. The towels are such a great gift and so cute! And what adorable tutus!!

  2. LOL I love the tutu on your dog!!

    Those towels are fantastic, such a nice personal touch!

    (Stopping by from Serenity Now) :)


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