Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Dog Collars

I sewed up some dog collars, assembly line style for the pups! I got my claps on Etsy but they are available at your local fabric or craft store as well.

I essentially made a wide double fold bias tape. I did put iron on interfacing/wonder under type stuff in between for some stability. Then just weave it through the maze of plastic clasps. Sew well. I stitched and back stitched about a million times to make sure that they were super strong for my beasts lol.

My 75lb golden chow mix has been wearing it for about 2 weeks and it is still holding up well.

I love the way they came out. I chose a fabric with a small pattern on it do that you could really get the christmas pattern on the one inch thick collar.

Although it will be kind of depressing to slip the slip on bandana over it lol.


  1. Im trying to this my pups to. New to sewing. Mine keeps getting tangles underneath though. Does any one know how to fix this.It sets off the safety stop on my sewing machine. It's tangleing from the bobbin I think.

    1. If you are getting a tangled bunch of thread on the back of you piece, it is usually caused by incorrect thread tension, or you bobbin could not be wound tightly enough. To change your bobbin tension, there should be a knob on your machine. Good luck and hope this helps!