Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pinterest Fail: headphones pouch

I've gotten so much inspiration from reading blogs and surfing pinterest. They make me want to do better, create more, and strive to be an impeccable sewer. However it doesn't always go as planned...

As a dog lover I've been on the Dog Under My Desk blog before so I knew she makes cute stuff, but when I saw this pinned and followed the link I was glad to see that she had been busy since the last time I had been over!

I have made many little pouches and lined pouches so when I saw this I was pretty sure I could tackle it without a problem, boy was I wrong! It had nothing to do with the directions, unless you count not following them! Ha!

Looking back I think that what I did wrong was a seam allowance issue. Also I used really shaggy stretchy minky that I had never worked with before. So all those played into me messing this up. I am planning to make another one once I get another zipper. Check out the pictures to see just how badly it went. So much for making these for Christmas presents!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Leanne! You are a person after my own heart--dogs, crafts and sewing! I have been sewing for over 40 years (yes, I'm kind of old), and I have never been able to sew things that are circles. They always come out wonky, I guess because even the slightest imperfection shows. So I just don't do circles anymore, whether it's a pillow or a pouch or whatever.

    It's fun reading through your posts. Your doggies are adorable!

  2. Hey, I made one just like that using the same tutorial! And... my name is Leanne (the ONLY way to spell it!) :)

    You have inspired me to try again, mine is seriously very close to the same shape, one side pretty round the other starts off round and then has a straight line to the top of the zipper. Ha ha!