Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Handmade Christmas Stockings

Well I know that it is after Christmas, but my holiday season has been crazier than usual, so I since I didn't even get these finished until about a week before Christmas it’s not surprising that I'm not getting a blog post about them up until a few days after Christmas has passed. I still want to post them though, so that you all can see how adorable they are!

My sister asked me if I thought I could make stocking this year. Our mom made the stocking that we used growing up, and that my mom still displays. My sister wanted that tradition to carry on in her home. So we hit the fabric store. She wanted something a little more modern so we didn't go with straight red and green. The fabrics we picked have purples, and turquoises, along with the reds and greens.

I attempted to make the first one after some brainstorming, it was going okay, but after looking around on Follow Me on Pinterest Pinterest I found this tutorial for making stockings. It made it so easy! She really did a great job and it creates a clean beautiful result!

I used regular cottons and muslin. No quilting or batting involved at all. The appliqu├ęs that I chose to do are defiantly what took the longest. If I hadn't been doing them these would have come together even quicker than they already were! It was an easy to follow tutorial and came out just the way I had hoped. The hardest part for me was figuring out which way to sew the band fabric on so that the words were the right way on the finished project.

Other than that brain teaser it went perfect! My last pinterest inspired project was a fail but this one was pinterest perfection! Here is how they turned out:

                                     ornaments applique

reindeer applique                 and              christmas tree on top of a jeep 

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