Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Golf Course Cupcake Cake

This is not a pinterest fail to me just a pinterest different.

I made is cake for my then boyfriend (now fiancé) for his birthday last February. He loves to golf so when I saw this cupcake cake on Pinterest, I wanted to make it, but knew it would come out like hers. I don't have e tools and I know that, so I made it my way, and I think it turned out great!


I just made a boxed mix for the cupcakes, and used Pillsbury vanilla frosting. My guy doesn't really like sweets, so I knew if I made from scratch it would have been a lot of work for little reward.

I separated the frosting into containers and mixed them with food coloring. I added brow. Sugar to the yellow ones to simulate sand. I added blue sugar to the blue cupcakes to simulate water. The green, I gave some texture to look like grass. The hole is an upside down chocolate chip.

I made a flag out of paper and a straw, and used mini marshmallows as golf balls.

Simple easy, and much less time consuming than from scratch, but still a fun "wow" factor from the unsuspecting recipient.

I love the way it turned out, and Joey was very surprised!

Friday, February 24, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Onesie

Another holiday, another holiday project! So...


This is the last onesie that was shipped up to New York for my BFFs daughter a few weeks ago. You can check out the other ones here and here.

I just did a simple, standard, applique process. I use fusible interfacing on all my appliques. In the past I did not use it, then I did a project with letters, that tend to be more noticeable if they are crooked, so I tried it. Ever since I used it that once, I was hooked! It is not that expensive (especially on sale!) and it really gives a nicer finished product.

I googled clover/shamrock to find a shape that I liked. I cut out a square of fabric big enough, and ironed on fusible interfacing on the wrong side. Then I traced it onto the paper side of my fabric using my laptop screen as a light-box.

I cut out my shape. Ironed it on to the cotton onesie. Then I carefully sewed around my shape using a zigzag stitch.

I thought I was finished but I thought it didn't look girly enough for that cute girlie so I made a little bow out of a green polka dot fabric and hand sewed it onto the stem of the shamrock. Perfect!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

I saw this yummy looking recipe on Skip to my Lou. It sounded easy enough and I happened to have two over ripe bananas just looking for a job. She made hers in some adorable polka dot baking cups but I made mine in a regular old greased muffin tin and they came out great.

They were very yummy! The chocolate is the perfect consistency and the muffins are dense but not dry or hard. Totally perfect, so much so that I have already made them twice! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Shamrockin' Collar

Valentine's day is officially over! At my house we don't just change our decor we change the dogs collars. You can see my other collar creations here and here. Since the next holiday is upon us, so it is time to switch our my pups collars! Goodbye conversation hearts, hello shamrocks!

I made these just like the Valentine's Day collars with the nylon webbing fused in-between the fabric "bias tape."

Layla's webbing is pink.                             Dylan's  is green.

Don't they look adorable?!
(PS - This blog newbie is LUCY! Her mom LOVES St. Patrick's Day so I knew Lucy
had to have a Shamrockin' collar to help her celebrate too!)

Layla's thoughts on pictures...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!
I know I had a few before Valentine's Day projects posted but I wanted to do an after post too.
I did a little Valentine's day photo shoot of my dogs using my iPhone. I even snuck into a few shots. The dog already had their pink collars on. I grabbed a red tie from my repurposing pile to put on Dylan. Layla got a big bow tied from a v-day bandana. The backdrop is simply a quilt tucked into my closed dresser drawers.

The pictures were originally to send toy my boyfriend who, unlike me, works normal hours. Just to send some Valentines day love from home while he's at work.  I was having so much fun with it, I kept going! Sometimes when you're home alone you have to make your own free fun! So have some fun with it! Bring in whatever props you have, or think would look cute. This can be done for any holiday. Green sheet backdrop for St. Patrick's day or Easter. Red for Christmas, the possibilities are endless!

I hope you all had an excellent Valentine's Day with whoever or whatever you love! My adorable boyfriend got me these beautiful roses, some Lindt truffles, and a wonderful dinner out. We had a great time and it was nice to get dressed up and go out on a weeknight, it made the week feel shorter.

The two top pictures were edited using instagram and frametastic (both free from itunes)

Faux Chenille Blanket

It is finally, FINALLY, done!!!

I started this blanket so. so. so. long ago. Whenever I would get frustrated by it whether it be because a pin pricking me one too many times or just being beyond bored, I would just put it off to the side for another day, another week, another month, another season. But the other day I bunkered down and finished it and I am so. so. so. glad that I did! I am madly in love with it!
This is not a tutorial as I used Aesthetic Nest's and MADE's tutorials for making this beautiful blanket. These are just how I did it, and my thoughts about it.

I used a heavyweight cotton from Hancock Fabrics for my top fabric, and four layers of flannel for my bottom layers. The two layers closest to my top actually have really ugly patterns on them but you can't really tell since they are covered and cut. That was one way that I cut the costs.

I did not use glue, or saftey pins (just straight pins). I used a chalk line (out of the boyfriend's tool box) to make my first line. My fabric didn't shift too much but I do wish I had used saftey pins because with so much fabric flapping around its hard to see where they are and not get pricked. I wish I had used the chalk line a few more times to straighten out every so often, since when one line gets out of whack it can lead to all of them being that way. Luckily you can't even really tell now that it is washed, but just a thought.

When I was sewing I was initally not taking my needle out just leaving it down and turning my blanket, but once I started doing it the proper way, I liked how taking the needle out and clipping off the extra thread broke up all that sewing.

I cut using my erganomic spring assisted scissors and I think that they made it easier not to cut through the top fabric than regular scissors. I do wish I put one more layer in and left it uncut, I missed my lowest layer in some sections and I like the look a little better.

The biggest problem I had with it was how to "square it up" (mostly because I was making a rectangle, not a square) once I finished all the sewing. I trimmed the clearly wonky ends with scissors then tried to clean it up with the rotary cutter. I could still tell that it wasn't totally perfect, then I got over it! It was as straight as I was ever going to get it, and who was really ever going to notice? I also rounded the edges because it looked so cute on both of the tutorial blankets, I used a plate as well.

I am not a very patient sewer, but once I looked at Dana's bias tape tutorial over at MADE I knew that I needed to take my time and do it the right, or proper, way as Dana calls it. Which meant going around not once, but twice. But it was totally worth it! I knew I would have messed up if I had done it the sandwhich way. The right way, gave me a little more control over sewing it in a straight line. It came out just as beautiful as I had hoped! 

I am so happy with this blanket. It took me forever and drove me nuts. It is almost maddening to make, but once it comes out of the dryer, you don't remember any of it. It makes it all seem totally worth it. It is so plush, heavy, beautiful, and perfect. I wish I had the patience to make a bigger one that me and my love could snuggle under together, but it will probably never happen. So this one will have to do.

Everyone loves to snuggle this blanket, no matter how many legs you have...


or four ...

I'm not sure if I will ever make another one of these blankets, because it is so time consuming, but if I found the right sale on flannel, I just might be tempted...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vintage Valentine Iphone Cover

Just another paper insert. This time its an adorable vintage valentine. Just size, print, cut, and stick in the case. Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine's day cake

A simple heart shaped cake. A quick and easy last minute Valentine's Day treat.

One boxed cake mix.

One round cake cut in half.
One square cake.

And frost.

Done simple and adorable.

Look what just arrived...

My very first Pick Your Plum order has arrived! A bunch of adorable resin flowers. Not sure what they'll become yet, but I am glad they're here! Oh the possibilities!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dogs Need Love on V-Day too!

Well I was busy at the ironing board again. I was busy folding and ironing fabric for some cute Valentine's Day collars for my two dogs.

Valentine's day is extra special for us and our one dog, Layla, because six years ago Valentine's day weekend we brought her into our family :) She is a golden retriever mix for a local rescue group and we love her to pieces! So some new swag was defiantly in order.

I did make these a little differently than last time. This time I fused nylon between my double fold bias tape. This gives it more bulk and strength and it wont slip as easily.

I an really happy with how they turned out and are defiantly holding up better than the Christmas collars I made. And they look adorable on my babies! We all know that real men aren't afraid to wear pink!

I promise that Layla is wearing one too, however the thick fur coat that she wears everyday makes it tough to get a good shot of it so her BFF, Dylan, is better for photographing the collar in use.

So show your doggies some love this Valentine's Day on make them some adorable homemade v-day collars!

PS - Bribery can lead to not so great blog photos :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Onesie

Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays (halloween is the other) so I like to spread my spirit far and wide.

While shopping for the blank onesie for my Super Bowl Onesie, I saw this adorable white with pink, red, and purple hearts bodysuit. I just knew I had to buy and and make it into a V-Day onesie for my BFF's beautiful little girl.

I already had some valentines day fabric for new dog collars (more on that later) so I knew just what to do. I ironed some fusible interfacing onto the back of my cute conversation heart V-Day cotton. Once that cooled down I cut out the individual hearts. I grabbed some lilac ric-rac from my stash and draped it onto the onesie to get it to the right length. Once I had that measurment, I figured out how I wanted the hearts laid out, peeled off the paper and placed them back on top of the ric-rac. Then I ironed them on really well making sure that they stuck to both the onesie an the ric-rac. Next I threaded my sewing machine with invisible thread and a white bobbin. Then I topstitched over just the hearts. Once I finished all the hearts I tacked down the end of the ric-rac under the shoulder flaps so that they were hidden.

Once I had my design in my head the project moved pretty quickly and I am so happy with how it turned out. If I had been using a larger bodysuit or t-shirt I could have easily done two strands which would have looked so cute too!
via instagram: follow me @ iheartpaulfrank1

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Appliquéd Half Apron

Even before I started sewing for fun, I saved jeans. I'm not sure why but I still have a bunch laying around. So I put one of those pairs to work... Well that's not totally true, it was a skirt, but still denim and still re-purposed.

So anyway, I cut the skirt in half keeping 2 pockets and ditching the waistband and belt loops.

Then I appliquéd some double layer stars out of cotton and fleece. After that I put a back on it by putting right aides together and sewing all the way around (leaving a hole for turning) then top-stitched the hole closed and the rest of the way around. After that I made a long skinny "tube", turned it right side out, and sewed it to the top as the apron ties. They are long enough to be wrapped around to the front to be tied. I used the same pink plaid cotton as the appliqué for the back and ties.

I love the way it came out! But not enough to keep it from my friend who I made it for. So this was gifted to her along with a set of six measurement magnets. Similar to the ones I have pinned here.

So here is the apron tied in the front. I forgot to take a picture of the back but it is just that  same fabric.

And here it is untied. You can see here how long I actually made the ties. I wanted them long enough to make a big bow when tied in the front or the back.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Onesie

I am a day late because I totally forgot to blog about this, but I made an adorable New York Giants onesie at the request of my best friend. I already had the fabric so I knew I could throw something cute together quick and mail it the three hundred miles north before the big game. So my first stop was to Walmart to get a plain white bodysuit. I also picked up a few extras but those will be in another post.

After Walmart I had to do some brainstorming to figure out what I wanted to do. I poked around the Internet a little an mixed together a bunch of ideas. Luckily I didn't love any of the ones I found, so no copying!

I cut out the helmet an Giants out of my pre-interfaced fabric. Then I thought it all looked a little boyish so i cut out a red polka dot heart with my pinking sheers giving it a textured edge. After playing around a little with my shapes I decided to start by putting some tulle ruffles on the booty. Then i sewed the word Giants above the ruffles. Loving it so far!

After that I finally made my mind up about the placement of the helmet and heart. So I ironed them on and then straight top stitched over each. I started with the heart so that when i over lapped the helmet the top stitching would be underneath. I did a little bit bigger of a seam allowance on the heart because I thought it looked cuter.

It was that simple! I am so happy with how it came out! And in the end it brought the Giants some good lick since we won! Yeay!!

A New Header

Just made a new header for the blog! I love it! I am so sad to hear about Picnik shutting down, but the upside is that I can still use many of the effects through igoogle. It is not as clean or easy but its better than nothing. The bigger upside (until April) is that everyone has the "pro" paid-for version! Yeay! I played around a little and actually used Instagram first, then imported them to Picnik to complete my collage/header. It was really simple and I am totally in love with it!