Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dogs Need Love on V-Day too!

Well I was busy at the ironing board again. I was busy folding and ironing fabric for some cute Valentine's Day collars for my two dogs.

Valentine's day is extra special for us and our one dog, Layla, because six years ago Valentine's day weekend we brought her into our family :) She is a golden retriever mix for a local rescue group and we love her to pieces! So some new swag was defiantly in order.

I did make these a little differently than last time. This time I fused nylon between my double fold bias tape. This gives it more bulk and strength and it wont slip as easily.

I an really happy with how they turned out and are defiantly holding up better than the Christmas collars I made. And they look adorable on my babies! We all know that real men aren't afraid to wear pink!

I promise that Layla is wearing one too, however the thick fur coat that she wears everyday makes it tough to get a good shot of it so her BFF, Dylan, is better for photographing the collar in use.

So show your doggies some love this Valentine's Day on make them some adorable homemade v-day collars!

PS - Bribery can lead to not so great blog photos :)


  1. The collars are lovely, I think I will have to have a go at making some for our two labs.