Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Golf Course Cupcake Cake

This is not a pinterest fail to me just a pinterest different.

I made is cake for my then boyfriend (now fiancé) for his birthday last February. He loves to golf so when I saw this cupcake cake on Pinterest, I wanted to make it, but knew it would come out like hers. I don't have e tools and I know that, so I made it my way, and I think it turned out great!


I just made a boxed mix for the cupcakes, and used Pillsbury vanilla frosting. My guy doesn't really like sweets, so I knew if I made from scratch it would have been a lot of work for little reward.

I separated the frosting into containers and mixed them with food coloring. I added brow. Sugar to the yellow ones to simulate sand. I added blue sugar to the blue cupcakes to simulate water. The green, I gave some texture to look like grass. The hole is an upside down chocolate chip.

I made a flag out of paper and a straw, and used mini marshmallows as golf balls.

Simple easy, and much less time consuming than from scratch, but still a fun "wow" factor from the unsuspecting recipient.

I love the way it turned out, and Joey was very surprised!

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