Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I made a few beach inspired items the last few months.

After seeing a few things involving sand, I 'borrowed' some on a trip to the beach. I had enough to make two beach ornaments and one beach in a jar.

For the ornament: I took a clear glass ornament, pulled out the hanger and used a funnel to fill it up about halfway with sifted sand. Then I put a few tiny shells and beach goodies that i got out when I sifted the sand from the beach on top. Once I had everything in there I put some hot glue around the hanger and reassembled the ornament. Let it dry, then hang on your tree! I forgot to take a picture, but it really did come out nice.

For the Beach Jar: I had a hurricane glass vase laying around. It was actually from the centerpieces at my sisters beach wedding! Then I took the rest of my sand and poured it straight in. My boyfriend works near a beach that is not accessible to the public so it has an amazing shell collection. He picked me up some nearly perfect conch shells. I put three in my vase. Then I topped it of with a picture of my two pups walking down the beach, it is actually the same beach that I got the sand from! I love the way it turned out. At the moment it is displayed next to my fish tank, I thought it might give them a little hope, haha!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Re-do

So you guys may remember this Pinterest Fail post. And for those of you who don't, I saw this tutorial for a simple round zipper case for headphones. I figured I could handle it. I was wrong, very wrong. Well anyway I didn't let that get me down with so much cute fabric staring me in the face! And since my Mom got me pinking sheers I knew I wouldn't have to overlock stitch so I gave it another shot. This time I made sure to watch my my seam allowances and go slowly to make sure I was following the edges closely. Well I am proud to say that my second attempt is not perfect, but it is so much better than my first, and I love it! I was using my first failed one anyway since even thought I failed, my headphones still needed protection from the monsters at the bottom of my purse. Every single time I took them out use them a black cloud of sadness come out with them. But I am happy to say that now I love showing off my new and much improve second attempt. Now maybe I can make some for a few friends! The outside is pink leopard flannel, and the inside is soft pink minky. I used a white 7in zipper because thats what I had on hand.
Here you can see my first attempt (the not round green one) with my much better second attempt

Neat Giveaway

Ugh, I would so LOVE one of these!! I have papers and receipts everywhere! My beautiful hand made desk and adorable purse would thank me! My cat would hate having a neat desk though, since she loves sleeping on my piles of papers ;)

The Neat Company is giving away a digital desktop scanner to help you with tax season! You can enter the givaway here.

They are also giving away $1,000 to 10 people!!!

Be sure to enter! Winners will be announced April 17th, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012


You can never have too many scissors! Every pair has a job!

PS see those orange ones? Those are my long awaited pinking sheers that my Mom got me for christmas! They have been very busy, and I'm not quite sure how I did without them for so long!

Hope you guys are having a good weekend!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Second Versions

I was able to some more of a few of my favorite projects.

First I made a few more sentimental glass ornaments for a friend for Christmas. Similar to the one I made here. I made one with her and her hubby's wedding invitation and one with their daughters birth announcement. I forgot to take pictures but they came out cute, I promise! The only thing I did differently on the birth announcement one was I was able to put the strip with the baby's name across the front. I really liked that detail.

The other thing I made another one of is my interchangeable iPhone case. It kind of looks like fish scales. I love it! You guys can see the original post here and see what the secret is.

Glass Ornament

I saw this on Pinterest and decided to make it for a wedding I went to in November. I just cut the invitation into strips using my scrapbooking paper cutter. I was deliberate about my cuts making sure that i got the words on the strips. Then I curled the long strips around a pencil and the short strips around a q-tip. Then i slipped them into the glass bulb that i had pulled the top hanging part out of temporarily. Once I liked the way it looked i put the hanging part back in and ran sone ribbon through it to hang from. Simple and pretty. I chose not to put a charm on it like the one i have pinner. This is an easy and non-intrusive way it give the happy couple a hand made gift.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned coming up soon I have two new versions of previous projects and one success of a former fail! Come back soon to check them out!