Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quilted Christmas Tree Pants

So I wanted to make a Christmas tree skirt to match the stockings that I made last year. I had a bunch of left over fabric, so I used the scraps to essentially create a quilt that I turned into a tree skirt. Technically, these are tree pants because, it's square not round, but it serves the same purpose, and I love it just the same! 

I cut 6.5" squares, then sewed them into rows, then sewed all the rows together into a quilt top. I bought the cheapest battling I could find, and it was nice and puffy, just the way I wanted it. After it was all sandwiched, I used the largest pot lid in my house to trace the hole, then cut it out.

 I then bound the whole thing in red bias tape that I purchased as Hancock Fabrics. I sewed extra pieces on for the bows to secure it around the tree. 

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