Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby Gift Parts #2

Baby Gift Part #2
Yesterday I showed you the personalized onesies I gave to my friend for her baby shower gift. Today I’m going to show you the other handmade parts of my gift.
I made these really, really easy burp cloths from the same pink Superman fabric that I used for the appliqué on the suspender onesie. I used this pattern, because it made sense to me to have a little curve to it. I didn’t use that tutorial though.
Materials: I used pink superman fabric, some medium weight batting, and thick red jersey fabric.
  1. I piled both of my fabrics and the batting, and then I cut it out from the pattern. Thatway they all had the exact same shape.
  2. I put the batting between the two wrong facing fabrics. So it went jersey wrong side up, then batting, then superman fabric wrong side down. Both wrong sides are touching the batting.
  3. Then I sewed most of the way around leaving about a 2 inch gap for turning.
  4. I turned it right sides out, folded and pinned the hole, and topstitched over the opening and all the way around to give it a nice solid shape.
  5. After looking at them, I also decided to topstitch down the middle at the shortest point just to make sure nothing shifted after washing and drying. You can see them in the second photo.
I made two of these super cute Superman burp cloths. If I did these again, I would probably pick out some brightly colored towels and use them for backing, but I thought red towels might bleed on to the lighter pink fabric so I went with pre-washed jersey, that will only get softer with every wash. These are very quick and very easy. They can even easily be made with scraps or even cute fabrics from the remnants pile.
The baby’s room theme is elephants. So I wanted to include something that went with that theme. So using that superman fabric again I made a little elephant softy. I did a google images search for elephant outline, or elephant shape, or something to that effect. Then I selected a few that I liked and printed them from PowerPoint after making each of the images take up a whole page. I cut out my shape from each of my fabrics. Because of the way the print was on the superman fabric, I was very deliberate with where I cut out of the fabric. The back is red fleece. Each of the ears are S symbols (I free handed the shapes until I got what I was looking for). I cut out all of my shapes and triple sewed around the elephant to make sure she could stand up to anything little hand could put her through. I left a hole near her back end for turning and stuffing. I made the tail out of some ¾ inch pink grosgrain. I (super)sewed on a button for the eye. Then I wrapped a think white ribbon around the neck and tied it in a bow. (Since receiving this, the adorable elephant has a home hanging on her dresser. Every time I see it hanging in her room I smile :))
This is my best friends baby so along with these handmade items, I also gave her a couple
of irresistibly adorable outfits, some little items off of her gift registry and to top it all off I got her an amazingly adorable Vera Bradley baby bag!

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