Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome to Blogland

Hello! My name is Leanne, welcome to A LoveLee Mix!

That is me and my boyfriend, Joe, of more than 6 years. I am starting this blog so that I can show you guys all that I craft, sew and create! I have blogged a little before, but after being obsessed with the craft blogland, I decided that I needed to get my own to show others what I make.

I have three fur-babies, Layla: a goldenlabrachow, Dylan: a mostly black lab, and Chloe: the best dressed kitty ever. 

I just started sewing, and have been pretty busy with it. I get super frustrated when something goes wrong, but I still love fixing it and seeing the final product finished. I got my sewing machine Christmas morning in high school and needless to say it came with a large round of tears! But years later I am so happy to have it. I like taking photos and I do a little bit of scrapbooking too. I am super open to trying new things. I love reading other blogs to get ideas of what to make next. I can’t get over how creative everyone out there is! So I will be showing you guys what I make and usually showing which or whose tutorial I used to get there. Sometimes I mix a few ideas to get the idea that is perfect for me. Most of my supplies come from Hancock Fabrics but we just got a Hobby Lobby, so I’m just starting to mix up my routine a little.

I work over nights at a boring but stressful job, so when I get home I either head to the gym or to my craft table! The hardest part about my ride home from the gym isn’t not stopping at the fast food joint, its not stopping at the fabric store!

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